Rosanna: “My Story”

In the spring of 1993 when the weather became warm, my mother found a hump over my back when I started wearing loose clothing. Worried that I was suffering from some disease, we saw a family doctor who referred me to the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital for treatment. I was just thirteen years old at the time but I still remember because the hospital was far away from home and I will never forget the warm and kind medical staff.

After examination and X-ray scanning, I was confirmed to have scoliosis. My family and I were extremely troubled by this. My mother cried often and lost sleep. We were worried that the scoliosis will worsen and affect heart and lung function, and with an enlarging hump, my appearance will also worsen. I was afraid of being ridiculed by others and have difficulties meeting boys and starting a family. However, the doctors and nurses at the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital explained the situation to us and consoled me. I was confident in the surgery and their care and was in better mood. Although I was too young to understand the surgery, I was very confident in Professor Luk and his team as I know they are world famous surgeons.

While waiting for surgery, I always felt the spine growing in odd directions. I often felt discomfort because of this. Finally on June 20, 1993, I had the spinal fusion surgery. At the time my scoliosis was 60 degrees and after 8 hours of surgery, my scoliosis greatly improved and I was able to return to my normal life.

After surgery, I recovered well. The successful surgery removed any worry or fear I had about my scoliosis. Every year I return to the hospital for follow-up and to visit the medical staff. It is now 18 years after the surgery and I am living like a normal person. In 2004, my husband and I married in the US and in 2008 I gave birth to twins. I strongly believe that without my treatment at the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital, my life will not have turned out as happy and comfortable.

Preoperative (Front)
Postoperative (Front)
Preoperative (Side)
Postoperative (Side)